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Preventing and Curing Hangovers by Ted Bauer
May 19, 2005   2132 Hits
Before we truly begin here, let's get one basic thing straight. It's fairly easy to prevent hangovers. There's two basic ways: Don't drink at all, or If you do drink, don't drink more than 2 dri ...
The Prostate: Your Friend to the South by Billy Wolfrum
May 19, 2005   1149 Hits
Prostate cancer is a disease all men need to be aware of as they slide into their 40s and 50s. Family history and diet play an important part in establishing an individual's risk of prostate cancer, i ...
Improve Your Profile with Upper Body Exercise by Amy Hunter
May 19, 2005   18627 Hits
The upper body is a rewarding area to exercise. Both men and women generally carry less body fat in this area than in their stomach (men) or lower body (women). That fact, coupled with the smaller mus ...
Today's Diet Craze: Three of Today's Most Popular Diets Analyzed by Tiffany Larkin
May 19, 2005   3245 Hits
If you are currently on the diet bandwagon or about to embark on a new diet, you may be overwhelmed by the multitude of diets available to today's weight-conscious consumer. We have all heard of diet  ...
The Benefits and Side Effects of Different Forms of Birth Control by Shelley Livaudais
May 19, 2005   18212 Hits
Facts about birth control without any advocacy; methods, benefits, and side effects explained. ...
Encouraging Young Children to Read by Natalie Caudle
May 19, 2005   1828 Hits
Getting young children to enjoy reading. ...
Bottle or Breast, Which is Best? by Susie McGee
May 19, 2005   839 Hits
For several decades, women have discussed, argued, ranted, and raved about the best method to use to feed their babies. The disagreements continue, and nobody ever seems to win these mostly friendly,  ...
10 Tips for Hiring a DJ or Band for your Wedding by Kristen Sullivan
October 17, 2005   3862 Hits
Music is an important part of any wedding. But hiring a musician for your wedding can be an intimidating experience. Be a savvy bride and approach the situation with a plan. Follow these ten steps and ...
The Direct and Honest Approach in Switching Career Fields: Your Résumé by Graham PZ
October 11, 2005   3517 Hits
Your skills, if worded correctly, could open doors to better paying jobs or totally different careers. ...
What To Consider When Choosing A Primary Care Provider For Your Family by Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy
October 06, 2005   1296 Hits
Choosing the right primary care provider for any family can be difficult. Choosing someone that you can trust can be the first step toward a healthy future and by keeping in mind things like type of  ...
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