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FineTuning is not currently accepting new applications.

Step #1: Apply

In order to begin writing for us, you'll need to register as a new user on our Signup page. If your application is approved, we'll send you a welcome email. Once you've received this email, you'll have access to the submission page.

Step #2: Write Your Feature Article or Capsule

There are two main types of content that accepts:

1) Long, Very High Quality Feature Articles

This type of piece needs to be in-depth, engaging, and on a topic that is of broad interest -- similar to what you might find as a cover article in a popular magazine. It should be at least 1,000 words in length, but depending on the topic, it might need to be significantly longer than that. If your topic does not warrant at least 1,000 words, you should probably submit a Capsule instead.

If your article only contains obvious, common-sense advice or information, it will be rejected. The reader should walk away from your article thinking that you are an expert on the topic. Our editors need to be left with the impression that you are extremely knowledgeable. For example, an article on "Small Business Tax Deductions" should not be written by someone whose only experience is filing their own business taxes. Rather, it should be written by someone who has exhaustively researched the topic and who also has extensive real-world expertise.

2) Short, Informative Capsules

This type of piece is different from a Feature Article in that it is shorter and potentially less comprehensive.

Usually, you'll receive a lower payment offer for a Capsule than you would for a Feature Article, but since Capsules are a lot faster and easier to write, they are potentially significant sources of revenue for a prolific writer. This is especially true for those who can efficiently research and write densely informative text on a topic.

Capsules will primarily be used as supplemental pages for Feature Articles. Each Feature Article will link to a set of related Capsules.

Step #3: Check for Feedback

Your login will allow you to access a list of all of your articles online. There, we'll be able to exchange feedback on your work, and you can make edits to your work, or track any edits we've made.

Step #4: Get Paid!

Your Feature Article or Capsule will be reviewed by our editors and assigned a dollar value. Rates for Feature Articles are typically structured in tens of dollars. We usually pay less than $5 per Capsule. Our offer will always be fair, but if you disagree, you are not obligated to sell us your article.

Our only method of payment is PayPal.

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