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John Krane (johncarmitchel)
Joined: May 13, 2005 04:45:45 pm
Gender: Male
Location: Edwardsville, Illinois
Age: 18
Occupation: Computer Professional
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Nothing to say, really.

How To Buy A Hard Drive by John Krane
October 16, 2005   25075 Hits
A guide to buying a new hard drive, with a quick list of what to look for. ...
The Basic Facts of Computer Forensics Companies by John Krane
October 18, 2005   4229 Hits
How to know if you need a computer forensics company and what you need to know if you do. ...
Choosing an Operating System by John Krane
September 10, 2005   20911 Hits
Linux, Macintosh, Windows...which one do you need? This article attempts to explain the basic differences, advantages, and disadvantages of each operating system. ...
How To Find Music Software That's Right For You by John Krane
October 26, 2005   2261 Hits
A description of some of today's most popular music software, including Apple's iTunes. ...
Cool iPod Toys and Programs by John Krane
September 12, 2005   16486 Hits
A list of the coolest gadgets, widgets, and programs to enhance your iPod experience. ...
The Many Faces of Data Backup by John Krane
September 12, 2005   874 Hits
There are many ways to back up your hard drive; this article gives a brief synopsis of several of the major options. ...
Dealing With Viruses And Other Malicious Files by John Krane
August 31, 2005   2616 Hits
Info on how to defeat viruses, trojan horses, and other common computer problems, including a guide on how to tell them apart. ...
A Guide To Renting Movies Online by John Krane
October 27, 2005   5535 Hits
A brief idea of what to look for in an online movie rental service, focusing mainly on Netflix and Blockbuster. ...
How To Securely Destroy Data by John Krane
May 26, 2005   14205 Hits
A brief guide on how to destroy data on your hard drive, either physically or with software. ...
Choosing an MP3 Player by John Krane
October 26, 2005   8790 Hits
A guide to the difference between mp3 players and choosing one that's right for you. ...
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