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Robbi Erickson (ktsprods)
Joined: May 11, 2005 02:00:31 pm
Gender: Female
Location: Missoula, USA
Age: 28
Occupation: Freelance Writer

I have a B.A. in both Psychology and Journalism, and have recently completed my M.A. in Forensic Psychology. I have been a freelance writer for the better part of a decade, and have placed in several international screenwriting competitions. My work has also been published in a number of publications and websites.

How to Legally Terminate an Employee by Robbi Erickson
August 23, 2005   164972 Hits
This article goes through the proper way to terminate an employee. It provides the three legal reasons to terminate an employee and it provides the reader with the steps that they need to take to be  ...
How to Avoid Being Sued for Discrimination: What Every Employer Should Know by Robbi Erickson
September 06, 2005   13269 Hits
This article goes over discrimination, equal employment opportunity, and affirmative action policies and interpretations that impact employment practices. It gives practical advice on how to locate d ...
Ten Skills Small Business Administrative Assistants Should Have by Robbi Erickson
September 19, 2005   84056 Hits
There are ten skills that every small business administrative assistant should have. These skills help increase productivity, reduce expenses related to service calls and tech-support calls, and impr ...
Know Your Options for Improving Your Vision by Robbi Erickson
September 15, 2005   10065 Hits
This article provides you with the pros and cons of various options for vision correction. Included within this article is information on eyeglasses, contact lenses, eye exercise programs, and laser e ...
What You Need to Know About Small Claims Courts by Robbi Erickson
September 23, 2005   6459 Hits
This articles goes over the basics of small claims court procedures. It provides the procedures that the plaintiff should follow, and it also provides the procedures that the defendant should follow. ...
Buy Office Supplies Online and Save On Gas by Robbi Erickson
October 11, 2005   3854 Hits
Top online office supply companies are Quill, Viking, Office Max, and Staples. Read about their pricing policies, shipping and handling charges, rewards and perks, and each company's specific special ...
Writing Careers for the 21st Century by Robbi Erickson
October 14, 2005   32484 Hits
This article examines four new writing careers that have recently developed or that have a low-profile including: indexing, blogging, web content development, and online auction listing. Each profess ...
How to Make Money in the Real Estate Industry by Robbi Erickson
September 29, 2005   23012 Hits
Several professions in the real estate industry are very lucrative. Read what each profession does, what money can be made, and how to become that real estate professional. These real estate profess ...
How to Apply for Social Security Disability Benefits by Robbi Erickson
September 12, 2005   7102 Hits
Many who are unable to work because of a physical or mental disability are eligible for Social Security Disability Benefits. If you are elibible, there are ways to speed up the process and improve yo ...
The Pros and Cons of Different Work Schedules by Robbi Erickson
August 24, 2005   45316 Hits
This article is designed to help business owners and managers understand the differences between various types of work scheduling systems. It provides both the pros and cons of various work schedulin ...
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