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Scott Nesbitt (scottn)
Joined: June 06, 2005 01:23:40 pm
Gender: Male
Location: Toronto, Canada

Eight Must-Have Firefox Extensions by Scott Nesbitt
August 11, 2005   6329 Hits
One of the coolest features of the Firefox Web browser is its support for extensions -- little programs that enhance Firefox's abilities. This article looks at eight must-have extensions for Firefox ...
Framing Your Web Pages by Scott Nesbitt
August 08, 2005   5802 Hits
While Cascading Style Sheets are considered the way to go when formatting your Web pages, there is an alternative. It's an older, but tested, Web technology called frames. ...
Safely Deleting Files From Your Computer by Scott Nesbitt
July 13, 2005   5600 Hits
Your computer contains thousands upon thousands of files. And you don't need all of them. This article gives some advice on the kinds of files you can, and shouldn't, delete from a computer running Wi ...
Hosting Your Web Site, For Free by Scott Nesbitt
July 21, 2005   2638 Hits
Want a personal Web site, but don't want to pay monthly hosting fees? Then think about using a free Web hosting services. ...
Partitioning Your Hard Drive by Scott Nesbitt
July 21, 2005   25677 Hits
Partitioning your hard drive can make it more efficient, and it can also enable you to install more than one operating system on your computer. But partitioning can also be an arcane task. This articl ...
Adding Animation to Your Web Pages by Scott Nesbitt
July 20, 2005   13620 Hits
Animation can be a great way to attract visitors to your Web site. This article offers some tips on how to it. ...
Working with Your Files by Scott Nesbitt
July 15, 2005   792 Hits
Keeping the files on your computer organized can be a chore. But with the information in this article can help you get a handle on your files and keep them organized. ...
A Short Guide to Enjoying Webcasts by Scott Nesbitt
July 22, 2005   3762 Hits
Viewing video on the Web is popular. This article introduces Webcasts, and gives advice on how to get around some of the problems you might encounter when viewing them. ...
Building Strength, Without Moving a Muscle by Scott Nesbitt
July 07, 2005   46361 Hits
Think you need a lot of equipment to build strength? Well, you can do it on your own without moving a muscle. This article outlines how. ...
Web Page Layouts without Tables by Scott Nesbitt
July 06, 2005   18969 Hits
Still using tables to lay out your Web pages? Well, there is a better way. By using Cascading Stylesheets, you can make changes to the look and feel of your Web pages without extensive re-coding. Or,  ...
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