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Sharon Jacobsen (scribbles)
Joined: May 09, 2005 11:18:51 am
Gender: Female
Location: Crewe Cheshire, United Kingdom
Age: 44
Occupation: Freelance Writer
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I was born and raised in London's East End but moved to Norway at age 19. Eighteen years later I returned to England and am now living in South Cheshire with my partner and however many of my three children happen to be living at home at any given time. My hobbies include ironing and other household chores but reading, writing and chatting with friends over a glass of wine tend to get in the way.

Royal Homes of Britain by Sharon Jacobsen
June 17, 2005   4650 Hits
The Royal House of Windsor owns a collection of some of the finest historic properties in Britain. From Buckingham Palace in central London to Balmoral Castle in the Scottish Highlands of Aberdeenshir ...
London's Ghosts, Ghouls and Phantoms by Sharon Jacobsen
June 10, 2005   7927 Hits
Whether thoughts of London conjure up a dirty, overpopulated city that's fraught with danger or a multi-cultural metropolis that pulsates with an atmosphere unmatched elsewhere, there's no denying tha ...
How to be the Perfect House Guest by Sharon Jacobsen
June 14, 2005   8440 Hits
You've been invited to spend time with friends or family but from your own experiences you know only too well just how difficult it can be to have guests stay in your home. ...
Plastic Bag Pollution by Sharon Jacobsen
July 21, 2005   96090 Hits
Every year, around 500 billion plastic bags are used worldwide. 500,000,000,000. Five hundred followed by nine zeros. That's a lot of bags. So many that over one million bags are being used every minu ...
A Guide To London's Markets by Sharon Jacobsen
June 03, 2005   11415 Hits
Visitors flock to London from all over the world, many of them to enjoy a shopping extravaganza that'll see them returning home laden with everything from antiques to the latest designer fashions. ...
Bras and Breasts – Getting the Size Right by Sharon Jacobsen
May 31, 2005   25526 Hits
Love them or hate them, breasts are a part of a woman's feminine identity and wearing a correctly fitted bra is important if they're to look their best and be properly supported. With so many style ...
Tips and Techniques to Improve Your Memory by Sharon Jacobsen
June 21, 2005   2494 Hits
From tying string around a finger to buying expensive electronic gadgets that buzz and beep, we humans have always tried to find ways of remembering information that we'd be otherwise be likely to for ...
Arranging a Children's Party? Get Them Crafting! by Sharon Jacobsen
June 21, 2005   2164 Hits
Children love to make things. If there's a child's birthday coming up soon, why not let him or her help make decorations and food for the party? ...
What To Do With Your Wedding Bouquet by Sharon Jacobsen
June 23, 2005   2965 Hits
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