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Tamiya King (tamiya)
Joined: May 11, 2005 01:27:14 pm
Gender: Female
Location: Atlanta, USA
Age: 24
Occupation: freelance writer

The Testing of your Faith: When your Children Choose a Different Religion by Tamiya King
August 07, 2005   836 Hits
If your son or daughter has chosen a different religion in adulthood, you may be wondering where you 'went wrong'. However, 'wrong' may be an extremely relative term. Your child's religion change coul ...
How to Market Your New Web Hosting Business by Tamiya King
May 31, 2005   2400 Hits
Web hosting businesses and sites are becoming increasingly popular these days, and there are many to choose from. If you’re thinking of starting your own web hosting business, but are not quite sure ...
Back to School: Preparing your Child for Another Year in the Classroom by Tamiya King
August 16, 2005   2357 Hits
If you're looking for ways to motivate your child for the upcoming school year, your attitude toward school will definitely help to get your son or daughter exciting about learning in the new academic ...
Home Schooling: Making the Switch from Classroom to Living Room by Tamiya King
August 03, 2005   3397 Hits
Whether your child has been home schooled for most of his or her school career, or if you’ve just introduced home schooling recently, you’ll need some pointers and suggestions from time to time on ...
Alternative Cancer Treatments: Noncoventional Ways to Combat the Disease by Tamiya King
July 28, 2005   1522 Hits
There are a number of new treatment options to manage and cure cancer, and alternative medicine may be very beneficial for several cancer patients. Here are some facts about popular alternative cancer ...
Daily Allowance: Finding the Best Vitamin Supplements by Tamiya King
July 26, 2005   5911 Hits
Timeless Treasures: Searching For and Protecting Your Antiques by Tamiya King
July 11, 2005   524 Hits
Timeless: Finding Antique Wedding Rings by Tamiya King
July 07, 2005   2912 Hits
Fashion Statements: When your Children Choose a New Look for the New Year by Tamiya King
August 30, 2005   1367 Hits
Working in Style: Ways to Redecorate your Home Office by Tamiya King
August 04, 2005   2612 Hits
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