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Tom Sanders (tomsanders)
Joined: September 22, 2005 08:10:31 pm

The Insider's Guide To Outsider Music by Tom Sanders
October 05, 2005   5956 Hits
Singing nuns and stardust cowboys, vanity records and the Shaggs. Welcome to the curious world of outsider music. You know it when you hear it. But what is it? ...
Cover-moi: French Versions of English Hit Songs by Tom Sanders
October 27, 2005   54893 Hits
Songs you know and love, that you can sing along with, by artists you've probably never heard of, in a foreign language. Monsieur Tom is the tour guide on this excursion through one of pop music's lea ...
Those Credit Card Fees by Tom Sanders
October 24, 2005   3404 Hits
Credit card holders, especially students and first-timers, can avoid some service charges and fees by learning the game, knowing certain rules, and reading their statements thoroughly. ...
How To Make Your First Yard Sale A Success by Tom Sanders
October 17, 2005   1566 Hits
Van Morrison's Contractual Obligation Album by Tom Sanders
October 25, 2005   998 Hits
Get The Most From Your Fireplace by Tom Sanders
October 25, 2005   4480 Hits
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