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How to improve your TOEIC score 
by Rob Goss June 28, 2005

TOEIC (Test Of English for International Communication) scores have become one of the benchmarks by which students rightly or wrongly tend to measure their English skills. It is inevitable then that students often ask the how they can improve their TOEIC score?

Here are four great bits of advice that will help your TOEIC score improve.

1. Take a TOEIC course

The best way to improve TOEIC scores is to take a structured course that covers the specifics of each section and relevant test taking tips.  Furthermore, a good TOEIC course will teach students techniques for remembering vocabulary, listening for specific details and context, in addition to other techniques.

2. Take the test frequently

This will help you get used to the test style; knowing the test method and test taking tips for each section is invaluable. Familiarity might also take the pressure off each test enabling you to perform better. You will also be able to see your score improving.

3. Buy a good home study book suitable for your level

There is a temptation for students to aim too high and buy a book above their level.  You need to understand that building a high TOEIC score and English competency takes time and you cannot force knowledge and proficiency upon yourself.A good book suitable for your level (and preferably with explanations of test taking tips in your first language) will help you review basic grammar and build vocabulary that will be of use outside of your TOEIC studies.

4. Study a little everyday and don’t cram

Cramming may help you pass an exam but it won’t help you retain information in the long term.  You need to be patient and study regularly to keep your ability.  Remember you can explain that a good TOEIC score doesn’t necessarily equate to good English skills; if you want to get a good score and speak great English the process is going to take time.



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