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Whitewater Rafting 101

The thrill of whitewater rafting attracts thousands of enthusiasts every year. If you haven’t tried it yet, you’re missing out on one of the best adventure trips. When done right whitewater rafting can be safe and fun for the whole family, from the beginner to the advanced paddlers. Here is a look at all you […]

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Royal Homes of Britain

The Royal property is of two types: the occupied Royal residences and the private estates. Occupied Royal Residences The state owns the occupied Royal residences and held in trust for use by future generations. They’re used by The Queen as Sovereign while fulfilling her role as Head of State and serve many purposes including State […]

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A History Lovers Guide to Cardiff

People have lived in Cardiff since prehistory, but the city’s story begins with the Romans, who invaded Britain in AD43. The capital takes its name from the Roman general Aulus Didius – Caer Didi means “Fort of Didius”. The Roman rule ended in the 5th century AD. By the next century, Saxons overrun England. By […]

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