What is Number System in Computers

Number System Origins

The number system in computer science is the representation of numbers, typically in binary form, that is used by computers. The number system is a key component of nearly all aspects of computer science, including hardware, software, networking, and data storage.

The Moon: The Persian Gulf of the 21st Century

Moon Power Centre

How to find and access energy needed to keep Earthly civilization going and growing is an old problem. But the solution to that problem may not be on the Earth. Modern, industrial civilisation has provided a lifestyle for ordinary people that Kings and Emperors in previous eras would have envied. The growth of technology has

Terraforming: Building New Worlds for Humanity


Terraforming means “to make Earth-like.” It is a technique that many scientists believe could be the key to settling the high frontier of space. But transforming a planet, such as Mars, to make its environment more like that of Earth, a new world for humankind can be created. The dream of actually building settlements on

Using a Portable Hard Drive

Using Portable Hard Drive

Need to take your data with you? Or do you need a second hard drive? Then consider portable hard drive. They’re a powerful and inexpensive way of adding storage capacity to your computer. If you’ve been using a computer for even just a few years, you can probably remember when hard drive space was at

The Space Shuttle: The Solution that Failed

Space Shuttle History

The space shuttle was supposed to answer all of America’s space launch needs, commercial, military, and NASA. Despite many accomplishments, the shuttle failed to lower the cost of space travel and, with two shuttle accidents, increase its safety and reliablity. Real solutions to the problem of cheap and reliable space travel, after a long time

Microsoft Excel: 5 Things You Should Know How to Do

Learning these simple tasks can save you time and increase your productivity. 1) How to Change the Number of Default Sheets When you open a new workbook, it contains three spreadsheets by default. But did you know you can change this number? Here’s how: Go to Tools–>Options and click the General tab. Under Settings/Sheets in new workbook, click the

How to Choose an Operating System

Linux, Macintosh, Windows…which one do you need? This article attempts to explain the basic differences, advantages, and disadvantages of each operating system. Operating What? If you’re about to get a new computer, or you’re updating your old one, a fundamental question to ask yourself is, “What operating system should I use?” A second important question

Alternative to Dreamweaver – HTML-Kit

While DreamWeaver is the undisputed champ of the Web authoring world, it’s price tag puts it out of reach of most people. But an HTML editor called HTML-Kit is a great alternative to Dreamweaver. In the world of Web design software, the undisputed champ is Dreamweaver. Dreamweaver packs everything you need to build and manage

How to Install a LAN in your Home

What is a LAN? LAN stands for Local Area Network. It is a network that we can install on 2 or more computers and allows these computers to talk directly with each other. It is kind of like the internet, but on a much smaller scale. The internet allows us to connect with computers all

Water Mills: Tapping the Power of Rivers, Streams, and Tidal Basins

The quest for clean, renewable energy has resulted in some exciting technologies. They are testing one of the newest; it’s called Instream Energy Generation Technology or free flow hydropower. It’s a technology that promises to tap energy wherever there is a river, stream, canal, or any place where water flows. What is Instream Energy Generation Technology?