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Income Taxes on Retirement Plans, Pensions and Annuities

Pensions, annuities, qualified plans, unqualified plans, periodic payments, lump sum distributions, rollovers – all have their own special treatment for tax purposes. Find out which rules apply in your case. There are three groups of retirement plans, pensions, and annuities for U.S. federal income tax purposes: Pensions or annuities you receive from a qualified pension […]

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Mortgages: Creative Financing Alternatives

Article will provide brief overview of creative financing mortgage alternatives, highlighting how to assume a mortgage loan, how to receive seller financing, how to buy a home with no money down, and lease options. Low-interest rates are encouraging many people to take the first step toward homeownership. Those who have never purchased a home may […]

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Taxes on Tips

If you receive tips, you should keep a daily record of them and report them to your employer in order to obtain your social security and Medicare coverage and to avoid a penalty. You must also report all your tip income on your income tax return. The tips you receive from customers in your work […]

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Cold-Calling Scripts and Techniques

Let’s be honest: cold-calling is not fun. Even worse, most salespeople know that they will have to do it, but still try to avoid it at all costs. The main reason, of course, is that even the most seasoned salesperson does not like being yelled at call after call for merely asking a person for […]

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Credit Reports: How to Dispute Any Negative Item

Many people believe that improving a credit report with negative items literally takes years. In reality, with a little knowledge of the law, almost anything on a credit report can be disputed. Even better, the burden of proof in regards to determining if a negative item belongs on a person’s credit report lies with the […]

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Taking an Itemized Deduction for Job Expenses

There are various job-related expenses that can be taken as itemized deductions on Schedule A of your U.S. federal income tax return. While most of these deductions can only be taken to the extent that they exceed 2% of your adjusted gross income, if you have sufficient medical expenses, taxes, mortgage interest, charitable contributions, and […]

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How Residential Rental Income is Taxed

How your residential rental income is taxed depends on the type of property you rent out, your personal use of the property, whether the property is considered a dwelling unit used as a home, and your participation in the rental activity. You may be able to claim all your rental expenses, even if you end […]

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Home Inspection 101: Things to do before Buying / Investing

Potential homebuyers can save time, money, and heartache by first having a qualified home inspector check the property. Everyone knows that home ownership is the American Dream. That dream can quickly become a nightmare, however, for uninformed buyers. Even newly constructed homes can harbour costly mistakes—mistakes that may not be visible to the untrained eye. […]

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