How to Legally Terminate an Employee

This article goes through the proper way to terminate an employee. It provides the three legal reasons to terminate an employee and it provides the reader with the steps that they need to take to be able to defend their position in case they are ever faced with a wrongful termination lawsuit. When terminating a

How to Start Your Own Tax Preparation Home Business

Tax preparers can earn thousands of dollars a month at home during tax season. But, they must know how to do the job, set themselves up in business, advertise, professionally present themselves, and establish their fee schedule. Introduction After the holiday season, many businesses slow down. As a result, many workers have their hours reduced

How to Successfully Write and Negotiate a Contract

This article goes over the basics of contracts. It provides tips on how to successfully negotiate a contract, and how to draft a contract. After reading this article you will know what steps to take to orchestrate your own contract agreement. Introduction At some point in everyone’s life, they enter into a legally binding agreement,

Taking a Tax Deduction for a Casualty or Theft

When you suffer a loss caused by theft, vandalism, fire, storm, or similar causes, or a car, boat, or other type of accident, you may be able to take an itemized deduction on your U.S. federal income tax return. You may also be able to deduct money you had in a financial institution but lost

How to Choose a Print on Demand Publisher

Before choosing a Print on Demand (POD) publisher, you need to consider seven crucial factors: set-up costs, cover price, royalty payments, control, distribution, author’s discounts, and the publisher’s reputation. Print-On-Demand (POD) publishers merely print a single copy of a book at a time as when you order rather than mass printing. POD, as a term,

Keeping a Petty Cash Fund for a Small Business

To keep track of all expenses related to your home-based or small business, it is necessary to keep track of the minor day-to-day expenses you pay in cash, as well as the costs you pay by check or bank transfer.  Minor cash expenses add up over time, and it will be essential to know what

Building a Small Business Budget from the Bottom Up

First of all, do I need a budget? In short, yes. A well-run household operates on a budget, even though it may not be written down. You are in business to make money – all the more reason to have a budget showing how you will do just that. A budget is an extension of

How to Prepare a Cash Flow Statement

The balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow statement are the three generally accepted financial statements used by most businesses for financial reporting.  The same accounting data is used to prepare all three statements, but each statement serves its purpose.  The purpose of the cash flow statement is to report the sources and uses of

Writers: Organize Your Office in 5 Easy Steps

Set aside a couple of hours to clean and organize your office space. You’ll feel refreshed and rejuvenated! Get started with these five simple steps: Clear Your Office Space Start by simply clearing away the clutter. Get out your cleaning supplies and go to it. Clear off your desk, and clean your monitor, keyboard, desk,

The Notes to the Financial Statements May Be Worth Noting

The notes to the financial statements provide explanations of the principles of accounting applied, and the methods used to determine the amounts reported in the financial statements.  The notes also provide breakdowns and analyses of certain accounts, and in that sense are a source of more detailed information.  And there are also disclosures in the