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Why You're Still Single 
by Rita Templeton August 19, 2005

It’s the lonely girl’s lament: if I’m such a catch, then why am I still single? You could be making yourself unavailable without even realizing it. Read this and find out what you may inadvertently be doing – and how you can meet your mate.

It’s happening all around you.  Your friends are either tying the knot, or happily involved with the men of their dreams – but you, it seems, only have a man in your dreams.  (Don’t worry, male readers … you too can glean a bit of wisdom from this article.)  When you don’t want to be single, single is the worst thing to be.  Flying solo can leave you feeling lonely and hopeless, adrift in a seemingly endless ocean of solitary unhappiness.  But wait!  That ocean is teeming with possibility; haven’t you ever heard the expression “there are lots of fish in the sea?”  Whether it’s going to take changing your bait, scouting different fishing holes, or switching from a pole to a net (or catching one with your hands grizzly bear-style, darn it!), it’s time to snag yourself a romance.

So what am I doing wrong?

That question itself may be your problem.  You may not be feeling very self-assured in your ability to attract, and keep, a mate.  Which brings us to our first topic …

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