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How to Accessorize your Wardrobe with Designer Scarves 
by Pamela Veselinovic May 26, 2005

By learning a few basic scarf folding techniques, you'll be ready to update your professional or casual wardrobe!

What did Grace Kelly, Jackie Kennedy, and Audrey Hepburn have in common? They accessorized with fashionable scarves! Modern day mavens don’t leave home without their Hermes silk scarf, but you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to look fashion savvy, just start with the basics.

The Scarf

The standard fashion scarf measures 36 inches square. The basic rule of thumb is, the heavier the silk, the better quality it is. An expensive Hermes silk scarf weighs 20mm, while most silk scarves weigh 4 mm to 16mm. Most scarves made in Italy or France are good quality, but China and Japan make fine silks, too.

Perhaps your first scarf will be a handmade item you created yourself. Now you’re ready to start accessorizing!

How do I do a basic fold?

You can fold a square scarf into an oblong shape, by folding it in half, then quartering it.

How do I tie a basic square knot?

The most essential knot to learn is the square knot, also known as the reef or brownie knot. Fold and place any size scarf around your neck, keeping one panel longer about 1-3 inches. Cross the long panel over the short one and feed up through the neck, creating a single knot. Take the long panel again, over the short panel and feed it through the opening from behind. Pull panels horizontally to desired tightness.

How do I create the famous Chanel look?

Place an oblong scarf at the front of the neck, criss cross the panels at the back and bring them to the front. Tie a single knot. Let the panels fall softly.

A variation of the Chanel:

Fold a large square scarf in half and continue to fold to a 4-inch width. Place around the neck, tie a single knot and place one panel on top of the other. Tre Chic!

How do I make a notched collar effect?

Fold a large square scarf into a triangle. Place the folded edge around your neck keeping the panels even. Tie a slip-knot with one panel. Pleat the folded edge of the other panel and feed the pleats up through the slip-knot. Pull the end of the slipknot down to tighten. Fan the pleats.



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