Terraforming: Building New Worlds for Humanity


Terraforming means “to make Earth-like.” It is a technique that many scientists believe could be the key to settling the high frontier of space. But transforming a planet, such as Mars, to make its environment more like that of Earth, a new world for humankind can be created. The dream of actually building settlements on

Throw a Spook-tacular Adult Halloween Party

Adults Halloween Party

So what if you’re too old to Trick-or-Treat; Halloween isn’t just for kids any more! Here are some ideas for throwing a wonderful, memorable, “groan”-up Halloween party. Admit it: you miss celebrating Halloween the way you used to when you were a kid. I know I do! For me, the whole month of October would

The Insider’s Guide To Outsider Music

Outsider Music

Singing nuns and stardust cowboys, vanity records and the Shaggs. Welcome to the curious world of outsider music. You know it when you hear it. But what is it? Strange music. Weird music. “What IS that?” All three have been used at one time to describe stuff that’s now called outsider music. You know it

What To Do With Your 1098 Forms

1098 Forms Guide

The 1098 forms you receive after the end of the year are to report expenses you paid or incurred, for which you may be able to claim certain tax deductions or credits. The reporting institutions are obligated to provide this information to you as the taxpayer, and to the Internal Revenue Service. After the year

Proactiv Solution Products: A Review

Proactiv Solution Review

Created by Guthy-Renker and endorsed by numerous celebrities, Proactiv Solution® is the number one selling product for acne. It claims to heal current blemishes and stop new ones from forming. Unlike most “spot treatments” acne medications available over the counter, You can use Proactiv Solution on the whole face or other acne-prone areas such as back, chest,

Using a Portable Hard Drive

Using Portable Hard Drive

Need to take your data with you? Or do you need a second hard drive? Then consider portable hard drive. They’re a powerful and inexpensive way of adding storage capacity to your computer. If you’ve been using a computer for even just a few years, you can probably remember when hard drive space was at

The Origins and History of the Number System

Number System Origins

We call them Arabic Numerals, but our numbers actually find their origins in the history of the Hindus of India. They have changed greatly over the centuries, passing first to the Arabs of the Middle East and finally to Europe in the Middle Ages, and are now the most commonly used numbers throughout the world.

Beat the Summer Itchies – Fleas, Mosquitoes, and Chiggers – Know the Enemies

Beat Summer Itchies

If you’re covered in red welts, itching, and scratching like a cat on a new couch, then you’ve probably been flea, mosquito or chigger bitten. Although other insects can put the hurting on a body, it’s more likely that you’ll see the offender if you’re looking at spider bites, fly bites or bee stings. Often,

How to Accessorize your Wardrobe with Designer Scarves

Use Designer Scarves

By learning a few basic scarf folding techniques, you’ll be ready to update your professional or casual wardrobe! What did Grace Kelly, Jackie Kennedy, and Audrey Hepburn have in common? They accessorized with fashionable scarves! Modern-day mavens don’t leave home without their Hermes silk scarf, but you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to

Cold-Calling Scripts and Techniques

Cold Calling Techniques

Let’s be honest: cold-calling is not fun. Even worse, most salespeople know that they will have to do it, but still try to avoid it at all costs. The main reason, of course, is that even the most seasoned salesperson does not like being yelled at call after call for merely asking a person for