Trunk-or-Treat: A Safer Way To Enjoy Halloween

Halloween is traditionally a time for kids to roam neighborhoods and gather treats. However, the new trend of trunk-or-treating has brought families and neighbors together in one safe place.

Fairy princesses and furry monsters alike look forward to a night around the town on Halloween, but moms and dads worry about the safety of their kids. Children can quickly become distracted by the fun and excitement of Halloween while crossing streets. Many homes light up jack-o-lanterns along the paths the children walk, leading to the danger of a costume catching on fire. Is there an alternative that your kids will love just as much, if not more?

What is trunk-or-treating?

Picture this: a vast parking lot with the back ends of vans and trucks decorated in a variety of fun themes; complete with games and treats. Maybe in one section of the lot, there is an inflatable bounce house, and in another part, there is a puppet show. From babies on up to grandpas and grandmas, there is something for everyone. What a fun way to spend the evening as a family!

In many communities, churches sponsor the fun event and families plan their theme for their vehicle. Sometimes elementary schools, sororities, and large neighborhoods sponsor one as well. The best part of Trunk-or-Treating is that the parking lot is roped off, freeing kids to skip or stroll from place to place.

Let’s bring it to my neighborhood!

So you want to hold your trunk-or-treating event? Consider what you would like to offer; from carnival-like attractions to down-home cooking. Some communities enjoy hotdogs and popcorn; others warm bowls of chili and delicious apple cider. You could bob for apples, offer hayrides, or paint faces. Then, of course, there is always the main event – the vehicles.

Some Great Theme Ideas for Trunks:

  • Noah’s Ark

Children can pose behind cut-outs of tigers, elephants, or giraffes. Enjoy some laughs with a game of Pin the Tail On the Zebra.

  • Pirate Ship

Aye, Mates! Chart yer course for this ship, which features buried treasure in a sandbox and “fishing” off the side of the boat for candy. Be ready for some swashbuckling fun!

  • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Do you have a golden ticket? Then you may have the privilege of entering a fantasy land of lollipop trees, ever-lasting gobstoppers, and a chocolate river.

  • Wild West

Giddy-up, cowboy! This space will be a hit with the little critters. Toss coins or lasso stuffed animals while square dance music plays in the background.

  • Beach Party

Plenty of beach balls, umbrellas, and colorful towels will set the mood for this space. Kids can do the limbo to get a treat.

  • Winnie the Pooh

Oh, bother! Wander the hundred acre kinds of wood with Tigger, Eeyore, and Roo to find yummy surprises.

Treat yourself to some family fun

The only frightening part of trunk-or-treat maybe grandpa’s 70’s costume, but you’ll make memories to laugh about all year long. Check your local newspaper to see if you have one in your town and if not, maybe it’s time to start the tradition!

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