Shopping 101 – When’s the Right Time to Purchase a Product?

Before you blow a wad of money on those 1,000 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets or spend oodles on that new china pattern, take a deep breath and think a minute. You could be throwing away cold hard cash instead of starting a savings account just by waiting a few months for a much-wanted item.

Instead, become a savvy shopping consumer by paying attention the “best time” to purchase items. Department stores, home improvement stores and other shops are ready and willing to sell things to consumers at full price – but why waste money when you can always shop the clearance section during different times of the year?

Take heed to these monthly money-saving tips when you’re in the market to spend your cash:


The first of the year is always an exciting time – just a few days away from Christmas, people tend to be happy after seeing family and friends over the holiday season, and they also focus on what they want for the year ahead. It is also an excellent month for bargains. So, in January, be sure to stock up on items that you need or want for your new year:

  • Christmas greeting cards, wrapping paper and other Christmas decorations are at least half off (and many times 70 per cent off) during January. Grab as many items as you can and stash them in your “Christmas” bin until December rolls around.
  • Towels and linens are also considered a grand bargain during January. Consumers can find last season’s hot picks at a fraction of the cost.
  • Toys rates get reduced to nothing with Christmas gone. Be proactive and purchase toys for upcoming birthdays, or get a start on Christmas early!
  • Carpeting also goes on sale during January. Again, you can find last season’s hottest patterns for anywhere from 30-70 per cent off.
  • Department stores also make room for new appliance models during January, so if you need a new toaster, blender or other kitchen appliance, put cash down on last season’s models – you’ll save a load.
  • Chinaware is also an essential sale item in January. If China is on your list of must-haves, find the pattern you like and then wait until January to buy it.
  • And where would women be without shoes? Grab your pocketbook by mid-January and instead of one pair, come home with five or six without being sick to your stomach.


Ah, February. The month of romance, love and hopes for spring – oh, and great shopping deals too. Why not plan on purchasing the following during this time of the year:

  • Is that air conditioner about to give out? Well, grab a unit during February. Since February is still a winter month, and air conditioning is usually the last thing on people’s minds, you’ll find great deals on window units and fans.
  • Need new storm windows? Well, as luck would have it, home improvement stores usually run deals on storm windows – either new or discontinued – during February.
  • Missed out on the linens and bedding in January? No worries – most department stores and superstores are still running those sales, and while they may have a smaller selection, you can find these items slashed again.
  • Sporting goods stores also run sales on discontinued and the previous year’s sporting goods items to stock up for the new year. Go ahead and grab those soccer shoes or baseball equipment now.


Is spring here yet? Almost. And so are some great deals:

  • Taking a trip this year? Well, find the fabulous luggage set at a price that will make you grin. Chances are you’ll find spectacular luggage sales at all department stores – so find one near you pronto!

· Like to ice skate? It is the time to pick up a new pair for the upcoming winter season.

  • Are downhill slopes your forte? Get all the gear you need for that upcoming spring break or for later in the year.
  • You can usually find great bargains on houseware items during this time too. So rush out and spend, spend spend!


Spring is here, and so are the sales! Pick up these women’s items during April:

  • Hosiery
  • shoes from the winter season (those boots are finally on sale)
  • Have a romantic evening ahead of you? Shop now to find deals on lingerie.
  • Like to sew? Go to your local fabric store to find great deals on winter prints or last season’s picks.


The flowers are blooming, school is getting closed, and summer plans are evolving. Before summer hits, pick up these items at a reduced cost:

  • Jewellery is a hot sale item for Mother’s Day. Get a strand of pearls for yourself and those other extraordinary women in your life.
  • Patio set in shambles? You’ll likely find some great deals on discontinued items and those new season styles now.
  • Automobile repair shops and tire speciality stores offer great deals on tires during May.
  • The new season’s linens usually hit a sale during May, so check it out.
  • What are a woman without a great pair of shoes and a fabulous purse? Prices on both items hit record lows, so don’t lose out!
  • Is your television on the fritz? Grab last year’s model at a fraction of the cost.


Yes, it is summertime – and Father’s Day, so you won’t be surprised to find these items on sale:

  • Does your man foam at the mouth when checking out the newest tools? Pick him up something that screams “I am the man” now (and you’ll also be able to use it).
  • Nothing says Happy Father’s Day like a new shirt or tie. Men’s clothing gets reduction drastically during May.
  • You’ll also find some great deals on boys’ clothing during May. Stock up now while prices are red hot!
  • Need a rug or other floor covering? It’s on sale now!


It’s starting to get hot, and so are this month’s sales! Check out:

  • Air conditioning units get slight reduction during this summer month. So if you can’t wait until February (or missed out on that sale), grab what you need now.
  • That itty bitty string bikini is calling to you – so buy it. Chances are you’ll save at least 30 per cent during July.
  • Does daddy need a new pair of shoes? Grab them while the price is right.
  • Luggage is on sale again!
  • Want that iPod? How about that CD or DVD player? They’re on sale in July!


Summer went fast, didn’t it? Now it’s time to gear up for the fall season – so why not purchase these hot items:

  • School supplies are making their way to your store, and their prices are right. Purchase enough for the whole year, and then some.
  • Like those department store cosmetics, but not the department store prices? Guess what’s on sale during August? That’s right – all the department store make up you need.
  • Bathing suits are slashed to nothing right now – so pick up a few for next year’s romp at the beach.
  • Linens and bedding are on sale again. So if you missed out before, now’s the time.
  • Air conditioning units and fans continue their sale during August.
  • Tire stores are still running sales too – so get prepared for winter driving now.
  • During August you’ll get a glimpse of the season’s hottest coats for a special sale price.


The school bells are ringing, and fall has chilled the air and turned the trees beautiful colours. What could be better than shopping for these items during September:

  • A new car! Okay, maybe not next year’s models, but you can sure find a deal on the vehicles released last year.
  • Fall fashions at a fraction of the price! You’ll find sweaters, pants and another fall must-haves for 30-50 per cent off.
  • Bicycle a little old? Or has your child grown and needs some new wheels? September is the time to buy.
  • Calling all men (and women) – hardware on sale now!
  • You can purchase China and glassware for a discounted price during September.
  • The summer’s fabrics are now significantly slashed. Pick it up now.
  • Get your garden plans ready for next year – gardening supplies are on sale in September.


Boo to you! And happy shopping regarding these sale items:

  • The rates of cars are still going down – last year’s models work just fine for a fraction of the cost!
  • Fall/winter clothing is still a hot commodity. Buy them on sale in October.
  • There is nothing like a vast clearance selection. You may be able to find just about anything in your favourite department or super store’s clearance during October.
  • Pick up a few more lingerie pieces now – they’re on sale again.
  • Major appliances are calling to you – so go get them at a discount during October.


The smell of turkey (and pecan pie), cold nights and hot apple cider make November a memorable month. And so make the sales. Pick up these items:

  • Cuddle up with your mate and cover yourselves with that new quilt or blanket- they are on sale now.
  • Halloween items are going, going gone during November. Stock up for next year or kick yourself for missing a ghoul of a sale.
  • Yes, momma needs some new shoes – get them while the prices are low.
  • The prices of Linens and bedding are low during November.


Christmas trees, mistletoe and honey baked ham make December a happy time – but so makes a good sale. Pick up these items in December:

  • Thanksgiving decorations are beckoning you. Pick them up for next year.
  • You’ll find a ton of Christmas promotions in your newspaper’s advertisements. Circle the great deals and get to spending.
  • The prices of children’s’ clothing are low during December.

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